Hazebot is a free text message service that keeps you safe from pollution and wildfire smoke . Sign up for alerts, safer nearby areas, and tips for clean air: 
Text a Zip Code to (262)747-2332
Envíe un código postal a (773)250-6640

How it works

It's simple: send a text with your zip code to learn about air in your neighborhood.

Readings and Data​


Hazebot averages readings from outdoor PurpleAir sensors near the inputted zip code. Readings are updated approximately every 10 minutes. 

Data may appear slightly different than other sources, such as the EPA now website, in part due to nuances on how AQI is calculated. Hazebot currently pulls directly from purpleair API without a specific conversion factor. 

Hazebot's AQI thresholds match the EPA's definitions for levels of pollution (i.e. GOOD, MODERATE, UNHEALTHY FOR SENSITIVE GROUPS, etc.). While these thresholds are helpful guidelines, no level of air pollution above GOOD is truly safe. 

Alerting ​


When you first text a zip code, Hazebot automatically subscribes you to alerts about changes in AQI category. If you care about alerts to a different region, submit a different zip code. 

By default, Hazebot will send a change notification at most every 2 hours and only when AQI exceeds MODERATE levels. Hazebot will only contact you between the hours of 8am and 9pm. 

You can set your preferences for the frequency and notification thresholds using the text menu ('M'). If air quality notifications are still not helpful, press ('U'). You will have to manually accept a new alerting subscription upon texting Hazebot again. 



Type '1' for recommendations on safer places.

If your local air quality exceeds MODERATE, Hazebot will identify nearby cities and regions that have better air quality. If AQI is safe, Hazebot will not provide better zip codes. 

You can use this feature to find areas near you for outdoor activities. 



Ian Hoffman and Will Danforth launched Hazebot during the country's worst wildfire season on record. They both live in Oakland and believe that everyone should have easy access to information about their health and how to protect themselves. 

Hazebot is run as a not-for-profit social enterprise, and all of our software is open-sourced. We are volunteer run; please email us at info@hazebot.org or check out our github repo if you'd like to get involved!


Support us

We are actively preparing for the 2021 Wildfire season, and your support will allow us to build out a new kind of platform for air pollution awareness. $1 covers daily updates alerts and health recommendations for 5 people, so any sized gift makes an outsized impact on our ability to sustain high volumes of support. Hazebot is a fiscal sponsee of the Social Good Fund. All gifts are 501(c)(3) tax exempt. Thank you!